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  • aup m8 bin off the net 4 abit do u kno wots goin on with the modem got a motorola sb4100 any help thanx
    hi andy have read all the threads but im stuck was getting card error on screen but not now but only get free view channels would be gratefull for some help my ird 128c1d0e--19f2ee647f62f3d2
    The image i sent you is on all my boxes and is still working so you have either gone to .Nagra 3 which i doubt or its the card.
    If you have normal bbc1 ect then the signal looks ok if not check cable connections.
    This is an auto updating rom 11 image which will pick the keys up.
    Did you use the 2nd image i sent? Different cam id.
    If it was working before its not an image problem,prob a card or box problem
    hi m8 yeah ive got the card on thanks for helping me out youve been a massive help, it seemed to of gone off again this morning do u think its coz of my area code? im just getting it bk on now, it turnrd off earlier i put the card in and out and it came on again but its gone off now, thanks again mate, poskin p.s do u know if theres any posts on this and do u not need to use the keys??
    hi m8 im in scunthorpe, and my box has gone off ive tryed and tryed and cant get it bk on, ive got a fun card+atmega + (3.7) flash and cant seem to get it on ive tryed everything i can think of even my mate who got his back on talked me through but still no luck ive been doing these cards for about 2years and never had this trouble b4 im reading on the net that u need the cam id which i put 24 "" "" "" but still no hope, its driving me round the bend and the kids are moaning they cant watch their cartoons lol so any help would be MUCH appreciated thanks poskin
    ird 3E 45 93 67
    bk F6 9E 0E 23 77 18 E6 05
    hi andy i hope u can help me with programming my fun card. i cant seem do m8 ive been trying for nearly 2 days now . my i.d key is 3e4226c3 and box key is 0757addc43084fd8 my email is [email protected] hope u can help me m8 much appreicated tel
    thanks andy same problem wit that toxic avast says it has mailware virus then windows wont install it thanks anyway
    hi andy, im been trying all day on this fun fix ive tried everything but still get same message wrong card now getting message of you have not subscribe,can you send correct file or info please to [email protected]
    Correct ird is 3E 43 F4 5E.
    Thought it was backwards.Some ppl when they program with toxic put it in backwards.
    Sent u email.I take it u have the cw shani flash file.
    One other thing im not cetain about he cam id in Derby.Not sure its an issue but it might need changing.Andy.
    Ur ird looks backwards is that correct? Should start 3E ON A SAMMY.
    On the bottom of the box there is a serial number post me that will you.
    I can convert this to make ur ird to confirm it.
    hello andyfuk thanks for your help today in derby all the funs went of all it said was no card inserted so i rewrote the card with the new c&w flash file put back in box still the same so i wrote one with toxic still no joy i been doing this for years this was carnt get me head around it any help would be nice of you please :)
    My tv is working fine ive just done my mates earlier and tried 4 different cards.Off for a bath now will be on later if youneed a hand.
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