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Jul 29, 2005
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Can somebody please help me it started off with the picture breaking up on my channels then i started to loose them then i couldn't get any channels so i did a scan but now i can't even get a menu up on my box.When i press the dbox button i get an error message and the same when i press the home button,things are getting desperate please help someone......
All the message says is error..no channels found go to dbox-key-service but i can't get into it when i press the dbox button that message comes up again and when i press the home button.
i have an error on my screen...error no channels found go to dbox-key-services and i cant do anything, when i press dbox button and home button it comes back with that same message can you help?
Try putting the image back on the box...or if you have made a backup...flash that back on.
Hi m8 not got a back up and never flashed a box i have the stuff to do it is it easy? what about the the service files and bouquet for my area where can i get them? help
If you flash it with one of the latest sportsters or gav12345 image you can do a full scan and find all the channels, so you dont need to bother putting any services on.
Thanks but i still need to get into the menu of the dbox to flash it dont i? and when i press the dbox button or home button i just get the error message,i'm a newbie can you tell?
You have to press the home button first to switch off the message.
I did press the home button first then the screen had neutrino across it then pressed dbox button and the same error message came back up strange or what? anymore input will be appreciated thanks
sniper214 said:
hi derek whats an ifa? please.

Hiya mate, don't take this the wrong way but i joined this forum about ten minutes ago and i already know that. Read over some of the previous posts, this has been discussed lots of times.

Or, use the search function to find posts with the word "ifa" in them, All the information you need is here. Just need to look for it. :Cheers:
Ifa = image flashing assistant its for flashing your dbox useing a cross over network cable and null modem cable, useing you pc.