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Dec 11, 2008
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These fucking maggots left my wife and I stranded at East Midlands Airport on Monday morning. Just got home ;) no only kidding. We stood in a queue from 6am for almost 30 mins for a 7am flight to Glasgow, when I started to question whether we'd get thru the useless security check on time a Policemen suggested we pay £3 each and use the express line, which we did, only to find that it wasn't much quicker. Upon getting to the security desk the guy couldn't scan our boarding passes so told us we couldn't get thru and we had to go back to the check-in desk to get the passes printed again, whereby the fucking slag on duty told us the gate was now closed and wouldn't be giving us a new passes. She then suggested we go to their sales desk across the hall to see what they could do, well nothing for the flight we just missed but they wanted another £250 to get us on the next flight at 1pm. I threw the paperwork in her face and told her to shove it up her fucking arse. The Hertz car rental wanted just under £250 for a 1 way hire, so we had to get the train from Derby, total cost £172. I've written to BMI in the strongest language I can get away with, without using foul language and pleading for my train fare back. I'm not holding my breath as all those budget airlines are all the same. BTW for those of you who have never used East Midlands Airport, BEWARE, it's the fucking shittiest airport I've ever had the displeasure to use, I've been thru better so called 3rd world countries airports quicker and with the same/similar security check in. Disgraceful for a country like this but what do you expect. Well my rants over.