benny59 rom 11 image


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Mar 25, 2005
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Good afternoon guys, help needed with rom 11 image gone off,the card was working fine with benny59 rom11 image(thanks benny)but electric tripped and had put it back on and now found out i am not getting a picture at all now (tw area).I did a card for mate with same image and phone him and he said his is still on,so asked him to just power box down then back on and he said he has no picture aswell(sorry mate) IS there a kind person on this good site with a tw rom11 image that works for me please(pretty please) so it is worth other people to check this out......
Many Thanks Stevo (Merry Xmas):xmas:
If image worked ok and you where happy with it before? Then I suggest you re-write same image
Just make sure you don’t have a power cut”! lol. Lol
hello carwash, just rewrote image back to card and other images of site but still not getting a picture,get blue info bar and in engineers page card status is showing please wait and stays on that even after a warm reboot any other idea's would be greatful........Thanks
I don’t think that the problem is the images or cards m8”!
Do you get any channels at all???

Have you checked the net id and frequency???
hello carwash, no i get no picture at all, looking around the site and talking to other people i think now it is the box not updateing to another cr software,cause the net id and frequency is fine,the box is a 1000 do you know whether if i try and get hold of another sim and put it in my box will it update,and iam sorry for blameing the image first(sorry benny59)......
Many thanks for your HELP.....