Auto Bouquets Maker(Sly Sports channels)


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Dec 3, 2012
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i ran auto bouquets maker on saturday as i wanted the service ID of the new Sly sports to use to get 7 day EPG with IPTV channels.

for some reason the channels are called SS1-5 and not main event, golf etc, the new channels arena show up with their name correct but the channels replacing SS1-5 dont have their names updated.

Is there some setting im missing to get the corrct names or do i have to wait for ABM or somhthing be updated?
is this cable or satellite

om cable side I had to do a manual scan, then scan within ABM and that got my Sky sports channels to the new names
thanks ill try that this evening hopefully it will resolve the issue with sat too
press blue button, so bouquets pops up press green and delete cable services, reboot and then scan you will be sorted faster than scanning
The problem is Enigma2 keeps hold of old names in memory and writes them back after reload. A workaround has been added to ABM and should be in PLI's latest RC version and OpenATV's nightly build. I'll upload an updated mipsel version in the ABM download thread soon.

There are planned changes for 01/08/2017 on Freeview, so the provider files need updating. The are other changes on 28.2 which may lead to a loss of more channels, so we have held off an OpenVix build so people can update and not worry about updating ABM provider files.

For those interested in the technicalities of the issue.....
Start with an old lamedb that has the current service reference but old name,
Run ABM, do not restart receiver
Import services using a channel editor. ( if you inspect these at this stage, you will have new names).
Restart E2, and re-import the services and then re-inspect. You will find you have the old names. They were in RAM and E2 does not dump them during a reload if service reference exists.