1. chookey

    Sky Sports Golf missing

    Just flicking through the channels and noticed the Golf has disappeared. Using ABM and a zgemma. Could someone have a look see if they still have it and post the frequency etc; please? For 4 days each week it's the only channel I watch and Sawgrass starts tomorrow :) I have updated abm config...
  2. J

    ABM crashes when doing a scan

    setup ZGemma H3TC Open ATV 6.1 Latest ABM version VM set to Pure Vm Net ID 00001 Sky set to Free channels only when doing a scan, it starts then blank screen and after 1 minute box reboots no blue screen with error message Any ideas - done this numerous time with no issues. Trying not to do...
  3. C

    Custom Bouquet with Automatic Updates

    @Abu Baniaz Continuing on from the following thread: https://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/threads/favourites-xml-file-for-cable-bouquets-rat-style.448513/ That makes perfect sense. I just needed to visualise what the xml file looks like. So I need to customise my favourites.xml, drop it in the...
  4. K

    AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM) 2017-08-05

    AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM) Last updated: 05/08/17 AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM) is automatically incorporated into images (or available from plugin feeds) from OE-Alliance teams like OpenATV/OpenVIX and some other images like OpenPLi. This plugin now works on BlackHole so should work on most images...
  5. Grimeire

    Auto Bouquets Maker(Sly Sports channels)

    hey, i ran auto bouquets maker on saturday as i wanted the service ID of the new Sly sports to use to get 7 day EPG with IPTV channels. for some reason the channels are called SS1-5 and not main event, golf etc, the new channels arena show up with their name correct but the channels replacing...