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Oct 23, 2005
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stockton-on-tees teesside
hello people got a ongoing prob with getting my normal funcard to work at the moment but just ran in to another prob when i program my fun5 normaly the box says cardstatus ok and DNASP003 REV323 but no channels accept ftv ones
but the prob at the minute is when i try to do an au funcard the box allways says MUTE err i am using a usb infinity with sofware ver 151 i used nagraedit 4.1 for the bin file and saved it as .bin not bn11 i also tried a bin file that i got sent but got the same result can some one tell me if i am doing somthing wrong as i am a bit new to this

Are you writing all @ the same time? If so try Exteep First then flash & Inteep see how you get on.
tried that way and every other way but still no look it seems to be when i program the ext eprom because if i use just the flash and int eprom for a normal funcard it works fine
if u can make a fun with rst
Then it must be the work in nagra or the image
Ive tried this methord with rom 10 np
Pm me ur bk/ird and the area t w etc
Dont forget a email addy
ill send u a eeprom to load
sounds like thats your prob