4000n to TW - Edinburgh


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Nov 26, 2004
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I have a 4000n box which I am trying to get working on the edinburgh area.

steps already taken.

* Box has not had no update mod done so chips still on.
* Took to cw area on netid 41060
* CR 3_2_P22N_P_P4000_R_

Edinburgh area

* set netid back to 40981 freq-619.000
* box starts up without doing any updates
* goes to channel 0.
* tried doing the force update using 4321 method

I would appreciate it if anyone can help me with this.
It used to be the case that some 4000Ns would work in telewest areas if you downgraded to CR1 (the so-called Wembly trick) first. With the arival of teleport this is no longer the case - you'll need to lift chips and flash with telewest firmware to get the box working. As this is probably more trouble than it's worth your best bet is probably to get another (telewest) box.