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    I think there is a channel list that gives an idea of what channels are working at the moment, there is quite a few missing at the moment. Anyones guess if they wil fully come back.

    Homeplugs are quite good once you have configuered them correctly works very well. You have to pair them up to each other instructions should be with the homeplugs you buy, just have a read into them and buy a good brand.

    I have a pair that I use that incorparates a socket too so I dont lose the use of that socket its plugged to. I use the powerline adapters by Comtrend and they have been flawless.
    hi, i seem to have got channels now, used lan cable, some channels not coming through i.e. movies gold etc do youknow if they will come back? Also what do you think of those plugs you can use instead of the cable, makes it a bit less unsightly but not sure about how to use them?
    hi can u help i have my sv7 and have downloaded showmustgoon as u said butnothing happening dont seem to be able to see if file is downloading etc when i scan i get 307 channels showing but it only gives me free view, something not right, i am really new could u offer me any help please x
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