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Feb 3, 2003
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I followed the tut and all was well, I got an ip address 81......
but no web connectivity?
the reported cfg was unreg.cm
I forced the xbox cfg file as per tut
now i get 192.168..... ip addy and still no connectivity
have a look at the attched web config
Is this a duff MAC issue?

Do I have to have my tftp server running with config files locally on the pc??
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Been through that and it didn't answer my question funily.
How do i find out the mac of my subbed modem to test the hacked one with?

How often does tha MAC need changing? as I was planning on dedicating the hacked modem for the x-box360.

just use the normal forced 10meg config file on any config file and it will work i have had a few macs work but not all even though it has said it was allowed on network my 360 runs fine on mine.
u checked the frequency of the modem to that of your provider? Also u checked the annex settings and the rest?? just some pointers before i'd look at a mac issue.
I think all is correct, i followed the tut that said it was tested on exc&w, frequency is good. I haven't had time to play anymore with it yet, should get round to it soon.