2 modems together with wingate


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Nov 1, 2004
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Hi Playing with putting two modems to my pc

problems I am getting

are getting both modems online together
both have differant macs and forced 10 meg configs

I can get on internet though wingate
but web is slow and page does not always load

one thing I didnt notice was in the instructions it says gateway will be the same
but there not so think only one modem is getting online

any advice
Disable one at a time to check if they are getting online!
yep disabled one got online
then did same with the other that got online

double checked the macs and there both differant

drawing a blank
any one any advise really stressing my head with this one
not sure how to test power levels but both modems are getting power
and getting ip address but only one gets a valid ip

did manage to get them both to have a valid ip last night but both were on differant gateways

but nothing when trying to access explorer or downloading

its could be the tut I am useing that has something missing
could anyone point me in the right direction for a good tut or even email me one

have tried downloading the one in download section but just get blank screen when I click to download it
have u disabled windows firewall? and i dont mean turned it off.
have uany other firewalls on your pc?

subnet will be same
default gateway can be same or different doesnt make a diference
ip's must be different make sure `1 modem hasn got a 192 internal ip
are u using wireless or a router?
Hi they both pick up an 81 ip address not 192

but nothing happens if I unplug one then it works but ie very slow