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  • hi, i have just followed your tutorial to update my tomtom910 with pretty good success, which i thank you for, but i have a couple of queries if i may.
    1/ when i connect the unit to the car mount it used to automatically power on which it no longer does and wont switch on whilst in the mount, but if i remove it from the mount and hold the power buttin in for a few seconds the unit powers up, does a reset the completely restarts with the user agreement every time. Any ideas??
    2/ once the unit has restarted i am getting 2 different skins/backgrounds some times it uses the same icons and layout as the old software and other times it comes up with a total new layout and icons.
    please any help would be greatly appreciated
    hey madmanc,

    i'm new to this forum and have a hitachi 47dj ( bricked ) Do you still fix these drives?


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