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Oct 27, 2005
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Hi all,

Today i went down aldi's shop where i live and stood with all the rest in line from just gone 8 till 9 when doors opend and had a 19" Medion moniter for £130, not long pluged it in and gess what the fooker has got one DEAD pixel in the botton right of the screen and about 5" up.
You can only realy see it when say windows is loading for the first time or when say i have windows media player going.

Other then the Dead pixel the monitor knocks spots big time off me old crt i have but ? is there any way that you can fix a dead pixel or should i just take the monitor back to aldi and get my money back.

What would you do if it was you Any one?
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just take it back m8 (and hope they have more left) Aldi are very good with returns
I took my monitor back after 10 months and I got a full refund
there is talk they have changed there warrentee but worth a try m8

if the pixel annoys u that much
Cheers for the help both but i have took it back this after noon and got another one and your never gess what this fooker has one dead pixel as well nearer the middle this time only thing is this looks a bit smaller then on the one i took back.

Think this one is going back as well two morrow for the last time as they had about 8 boxs in the store room.

And if the one i get tomorrow is the same well its deff money back or keep it.
Only thing is that they could give me one 2moz with 2 or 3 dead fookers on it and say they ant going to change it again.

Big ? what do i do now
Oh m8 thats gutting :( its a tought one m8
I just bought a 22" wide monitor with one dead (black) pixel,I try to ignor it and to be honest 90% of the time I dont even notice it
mine is about 20mm in from the left just over half way up screen,so not bang in the middle :)
I can live with it
hey m8 3rd time lucky ;)
Thing is mate will i end up with number 3 have 2 or more dead one's lol it's not good th is fooker on this one is about 6" in from the right had side and 3" up to the middle and you can see it in the media player when i got it on.

Only this is this deadun looks a bit smaller in size to the first one i got.

Just hope they change it again and i dont get one with more dead un's and they say there not changeing it this time. then ill be stook with more dead pixels and have to get in tuch with medion and go through all the crap from then.

Unfortunatly one pixel is within the guidelines of ISO 13406-2: http://www.jacobsen.no/anders/blog/...062_standard_for_lcd_screen_pixel_faults.html.

There are a couple of solutions floating round in this section, or check out: http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Stuck-Pixel-on-an-LCD-Monitor But bare in mind that you do run the risk of breaking it more.

Cheers mate think im about to have a go at one or two of the tuts he says do.

Will let you know it it works, it's not dead as its RED so looks as its stook hmm.

Cheers again
Well just trye taping it out and its now allmost gone and i thinkmi can live with it now Magic cheers chaps.

May have a go again in a bit or tomorrow after its been run in for a bit but its deff made it smaller you can hardley see it now magic, the resat may come out after its been run in, lol never now.

THANKS to all
Just to let you no im trying out some new software that says it gets rid of lazzy pixels, iv'e been runing it now for about 1 hr on and off and can say its made the it smaller and read up says run it for about 2hr's so im running it some more to see if it gets rid iff the last bit.

Software is called UNDEAD PIXEL 2.2 and is free, just run it on a black back ground and is dead essy to use.

May help some one as my stook pixel is near gone now
Just letting you chaps know me son come down and we took the monitor back to aldis and they did give me a 3rd one and this one is the kiddy its magic with no faults with pixels , Brill

Cheers we got a good un in the end :classic: