My pile of crap dolby atmos soundbar


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Sep 5, 2016
SO, i thought i'd give you an update on this.

I have now attached this to my PC. The only way i can get dolby atmos/7.1/5.1 is if i connect it via a displayport to hdmi adapter. If i connect it the usual way via ARC, i lose 7.1/5.1 capability and just stereo, not even 2.1! Having it connected via displayport adapter means that windows see's this as another monitor - not much of an issue but for some reason, when i want to enter the bios, it sees the soundbar as the dominant display and can't see anything. You'll be thinking why don't i just connect it via HDMI? I have my computer connected to my HDR TV and lose HDR functionality that way. The RTX 2060 only has 1 HDMI port so I'm forced to use DP