1. Ferret

    Zgemma H9S SE Zgemma H9S SE OpenATV 7.1 09.03.2022 by cie Zgemma H9S SE OpenATV 7.1 09.03.2022 by ciefp®

    :: Zgemma H9S SE :: :: OpenATV 7.1 :: :: 09.03.2022 :: ..::Backup by ciefp®::.. #zgemma_h9s_se_backup [Image Info] Model: Zgemma H9S SE Backup Date: 2022-03-09 Chipset: BCMhi3798mv200 CPU: HI3798MV200 (ARMv7) CPU speed/cores: 1.6 GHz/4 cores CPU brand: HiSilicon SoC family: hisi3798mv200...
  2. K

    [ ZGEMMA DOWNLOAD ] OpenVix 5.3 007 - Zgemma H5, H5.2S, H5.2S Plus, H5.2TC and H5.AC 5.3.007

    OpenViX 5.3.007 (for Zgemma H5, H5.2S, H5.2S Plus, H5.2TC and H5.AC) Source Date: 16/10/19 Although OpenVix now officially support Zgemma, they do NOT support the models listed above and this image. Please ensure you make a back-up of your current image before flashing this image.
  3. F

    Cable VM gone off?

    Good morning, I have woken up today with my Zgemma Cable (VM) no longer working. All the channels have stopped working (except free channels). Same goes for a few of my friends aswell; Can anyone confirm whether it has finally happened??? A month earlier then expected too :(
  4. dar1437

    Zgemma and OpenVPN

    I've been trying to sort out OpenVPN on my Zgemma, with OpenATV6.1 and PIA. I've followed the instruction (textbook) but i'm not sure that it's working? Sometimes when i click start, it says running, and other times it does nothing. It was doing the same things when i was using the wrong...
  5. J

    Best image

    OK I have ordered a H3.2TC for the parents. I will just want freeview going through the tuners and will also install the script from my IPTV provider. What image do people recommend and any tuts for setting it up would help. I have a ET8500 on openvix with both sat and cable so I am not a...
  6. J

    enigma 2 and serviceapp plugin

    what exactly does serviceapp plugin do the IPTV provider install guide states I need to install serviceapp from plugin
  7. P

    Anyone know how to log/diagnose problems with a zgemma star H2?

    Box came to me today, guy that owns it says he took a system update as the IPTV player was playing up freezing etc. Says he updated IPTV player first then uninstalled and reinstalled it through the panel as the IPTV update didn’t solve the issue. He then took a system update and when the box...
  8. S

    Problems with Mgcam for ATV6

    Hi guys Got a new zgemma H3 after old one H2 got fried. It's got the bog standard ATV6 image installed But am having trouble downloading Mgcam 1.38 via the softcam menu. Its giving a 404 server not found error. Anyone know about this issue or know of a fix. cheers
  9. K

    CrossEpg and AutoBoquetsMaker - Timeout for Tuner Lock

    Hey Guys, I’ve been trying to resolve this for last 3 days now and I’m struggling - any help/guidance will be very much appreciated. Setup: Zgemma H7C running on latest OpenATV 6.1 Tuner A: configure for sat Tuner B: configured for cable Tuner C: not configured I am able to scan and view...
  10. J

    Wanted ZGemma H2 or h2S

    After a couple of HS or H2S to run IPTV only ..
  11. J

    Open ATV 5.3 for H2S

    anyone got a vanilla image of OpenATv 5.3 cant find one in the download section ideally want plain image with no plugins installed
  12. K

    For Sale: Original Zgemma H5.2TC (12 months warranty)

    I am selling a Zgemma H5.2TC which was brought for a friend who then changed their mind and gone for an IPTV only box. This is only a few days old so still comes with 12 months warranty and is unused except to initially set it up. The Zgemma H5.2TC has two DVB-C (Cable)/DVB-T2 (Terrestrial)...
  13. J

    Wanted ZGemma HS

    Looking to buy a HS This is the dual core version, same as H2S but single tuner only need it for IPTV
  14. N

    Clueless Newbie -HELP please....

    Hi all, apparently I need to make 5 posts before I can download from this site so here's hoping I'm doing this right and this is my 1st post??? Ive joined as I have a Zgemma H2s box which did have Kodi and IPTV on it aswell as "A Gift" allowing me certain tv privileges plus all the movies etc I...