1. Grimeire

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] enigma2-plugin-extensions-camofs_16.93_all.ipk.rar 16.93_all.ipk

    This is not the latest version but the app has in app updates so you can update once installed. This can be used to view your CCTV video streams. It supports the vast majority of CCTV cam/DVRs. Features: – Picture in Picture – Display of any number of network cameras – name URLs, e.g. dyndns –...
  2. Grimeire

    Wired (cat 5/6) POE switch

    Could anyone recommend a cheap POE switch or give advise. I need one for my CCTV cams so must have POE and a minimum of 8 ports. As it will be on night and day it would be need to be energy efficient too. I dont mind if it is managed or unmanaged once it has the above. Thanks
  3. Grimeire

    12v adapter forr CCTV cameras

    hey, the power supply for my CCTV cameras has gone, im not sure what the connection type is so cant replace it. anyone know what the connection type in the pictures below is.
  4. Rat

    What do you do to keep your home safe?

    I've never really been one for home security, but I've recently had something happen and it made me think I'm not safe at all really plus I see local break ins daily being a glazier firstly I bought cctv 3 cameras (arlo pro wireless) front and back (visible from phone) miGuard burglar alarm...
  5. Grimeire

    NVR recommendations

    hi all, could anyone recommend a cheap NVR compatible with a Dahua poe camera or what i should look for to make sure it is compatible with the camera. there is a tonne on ali but not sure what i should be looking for.