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This is not the latest version but the app has in app updates so you can update once installed.

This can be used to view your CCTV video streams. It supports the vast majority of CCTV cam/DVRs.

– Picture in Picture
– Display of any number of network cameras
– name URLs, e.g. dyndns
– Send cgi commands to the camera (s) (Pan & Tilt ..)
– Monitor a camera for movement and autom. Save the images or multiple cameras without saving
– advanced motion monitoring (selectable): cam-check expert
( is somewhat more complex, but allows a more error-free, more reliable detection, load of the box is also slightly higher ) (only if the jpg_ setting is working)
– Use of external motion detection when it can create a file in / tmp /
( Specify file names in settings ) (also for “pure video” camera setting)
– Monitoring of a directory, display of the set camera for a new file, if the file name (without extension!) Corresponds to the name of a camera, this is displayed
– Alarm with installed Fritz! Call for incoming / destination number (s)
– Alarm output (image or text) for several cameras with file in / tmp, but without saving images
( ‘/ tmp / al_cam1’ -> al_ + section name, thus file / tmp / al_cam2 and / tmp / al_cam3 trigger alarm for these two cameras )
– on alarm possible -> display of text, minibild or plugin start, run a script
– Alarm tag freely adjustable in size, position as symbol
– comprehensive setting options
– permanently displayable minibild (alternatively changing over all cameras, posistion and size adjustable): the boxes can normally not show a stream in the mini-image, therefore only for jpg-display!)
– registered users with a valid user ID can use the Teletext button to retrieve / display various international webcams from a list
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