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AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM) 2017-08-05

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AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM)
Last updated: 05/08/17

AutoBouquetsMaker (ABM) is automatically incorporated into images (or available from plugin feeds) from OE-Alliance teams like OpenATV/OpenVIX and some other images like OpenPLi.

This plugin now works on BlackHole so should work on most images.

Features include setting regional area (if applicable) and user-selectable option to automatically update bouquets.

Channel numbering/ordering, by default, follows official provider ordering. So for Sky UK, channel numbering starts at 101.


If you already have a previous version installed, it should overwrite this. However, in some circumstances this may not happen and you may have to remove this first or force an over-write when installing this plugin. Eg:-
opkg update
opkg --force-overwrite --force-downgrade install /tmp/*.ipk

All credit belongs to Andy Blackburn (Vix) & Sandro Cavazzoni and their work was based on the idea from LraiZer. Thanks goes to those that maintain it including Huevos and anyone else.
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