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Sample Exam Past Paper - C&G 2382-10 17th Edition 2017-06-25

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60 Questions to answer on the city and guilds 2382-10 electricians exam.

This paper comes as a complete PDF with Answers so you can score your results after. Some of the best ways to pass exams is to try past papers using the BS7671 amended to 2015 as you answer them - this will help you understand how to use the Regulations.

Sample Questions Below,

1 Electrical installation design shall take into account

a electromagnetic disturbances
b direct lightning strikes
c current world copper prices
d local authority planning approval.

2 The Regulations are designed to protect:
a. Persons, property and livestock
b. Persons and livestock only
c. Persons and property only
d. Persons only

3 BS 7671 provides requirements for safety against the risk of
a electric shock on an aircraft
b shock currents on board ships
c fire on offshore installations
d shock currents in electrical installations.

4 Which one of the following types of electrical installation is not covered by BS7671?
a High protective conductor current installations
b Lightning protection of buildings
c Conducting locations with restricted movement
d Highway power supplies

5 The symbol used to show that a BS 88 device has a motor circuit application is.
a gG
b gM
c lz
d I2.

6 gM is a category of BS 88 fuses used in:
a motor circuit applications.
b general circuit applications.
c heating circuit applications.
d mixed circuit applications.

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