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OpenPLi Image v2.1 beta for DM500 2017-06-25

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[h=3]OpenPLi Image v2.1 beta for DM500 update on 3/2/2012[/h] Description

[h=2]Installation on DM500[/h][h=3]How to Flash using the http method[/h]
  1. Download our latest image
  2. Shut down the Dreambox into deep standby (use the menu or flip the power switch)
  3. Connect the Dreambox and the PC to the network. You need a DHCP capable modem or server, or configure your PC to do so. If you’re unsure, simply try if step 6 succeeds. If you connect the Dreambox directly to a PC, just enable the “internet sharing†function on the PC which will enable its DHCP function.
  4. Press and hold the “down†button to the left of the display. While holding the down button, press the power button or flip the switch to start it.
  5. Wait for the text “* * * STOP * * *†to appear in the display. Then you can release the down button.
  6. On the display, an IP address appears, usually in the form “″. Start a browser on your PC and go to this address, e.g. “â€.
  7. You should get a web page for the Dreambox. At the bottom is a link that says “Upgrade firmwareâ€, follow this link.
  8. Select the image .nfi file with the browse button, and press the “Flash†button. Also press the “reboot when finished†button, so that the box will restart once the update is ready.

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