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OBDII Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser 2017-06-25

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Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser OBDII

1. Purpose of program
Browser for automotive OBD-2 networks

2. Installation
Requires Windows 3.1 or higher operating system
2 MB or more total memory
It is recomended you make separate
directory for the program files
README.TXT (which is this file)
and another directory for the sample scan files

Keep all program files in same directory
do not rename any program file except obd2.exe
If file errors occur unzip the files again.

For more help run obd2.hlp.
To run program run obd2.exe.

Upon running program the file obd2.ini
is made and if program or connection
errors, a error text file

No operating system files or changed or added.
No dll or runtime files or needed.
To remove delete above listed files.

3. Status of Program
The program is freeware.
The program and files or not in public domain, can not be modified
reversed engineered or used in other programs.
For a online vehicle conection the program is
licensed to you, and you can only use one
copy on one vehicle at a time.

4. Distribution Status
You can freely distribute and make
copies of the zip file or only the files
it unzips as one distribution.
If you have a vehicle network connection you
can also distribute any scan files you record.

For security purposes
You can not distribute your login id
You can not distribute any initiation *.ini files

5. References, Copyrights, Crypto
The equipment/software follows SAE recomended practices
standards. Reprinted with permisson from J1930, J1962, J1978,
J1979, J2012, J2190, J1850 and J2178 Copyright 1996, 1998, 1999
Society of Automotive Engineers.
Reference USA Clean Air Act, USA Code of Federal Regulations,
Envirnomental Protection Agency, California Air Resource Board,
Equipment and Tool Institute,
International Standards Organization documents
9141, 9141-2, 14230 1-4
Software does not use SAE or other encryption or decryption seed/key

*While Digitalworldz is a well respected site please note that this file has not been tested and must be tested before use, digitalworldz will not be held responsible for any damage caused by members not testing (for viruses, working conditions, etc) out the files correctly beforehand!

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