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FERRARI-addons-manager_5.1_VU_oe20_mip 2017-06-25


  1. Rat
    For VU Clone Cloud Ibox
    to go with this thread http://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/vu-solo-receivers-593/388489-cloud-ibox-plug-ins.html

    Ferrari Addons/Plugins Manager v5.0 for Enigma2
    (DM800,DM8000 and DM500HD)

    Download easily your Addons/plugins for Enigma2 images.

    Connecting to various Addon remote servers as well as Ferrari and auto-install.

    Services included :
    - More than 200 Plugins-Addons
    - Online servers for Cams
    - Skins and useful Enigma2 tools
    - Barry-Allen packages and Drivers

    Upload with FTP to /tmp, Telnet to ./ and launch command :

    ipkg install /tmp/FERRARI-addons-manager_5.0_mipsel.ipk

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