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DW Panel with Regional Rat's Bouquets 2017-06-25

DW Panel with Regional Rat's Bouquets

  1. Rat
    DW Panel with Regional variations options in Rat's Bouquet
    (Current version: v1.0 beta - 02/02/2016)

    DigitalWorldz are proud to introduce The DW Panel Plugin containing Rat's bouquets (with support for regional/local variations**), Snapman's Picons (formerly Rat's Picons), Bobby's Picons, Anggels Picons. These features are built-in to the panel. The DW Panel also supports third-party plugins.

    Current Features:

    • Allow user to download Rat's Bouquets (with easy option to choose local/regional area**)
    • Allow user to select from several picon sets and location of where to install picons
    • Allow user to install other selected third-party plugins

    How to Install:
    Install .ipk to /tmp location and from image menu choose option of installing local plugin, or alternatively, use Telnet/putty.

    After installation, a restart of box will be required.

    **Rat's Bouquets now even better with support for Regional/local variations

    Yes, due to popular demand Rat's Bouquets now offers regional variations.

    After choosing Rat's Bouquets from menu, you will then get to choose from a variety of regions.

    The regions are split into SD and HD as follows:-

    SD regions will have local/regional BBC and ITV (inc +1) in SD. This is because with regards to BBC there are no regional/local HD channels - they're all still broadcast in SD and the HD channel displays a splash screen whenever regional/local programme is on.

    With regards to ITV, they also don't support all regions in HD (only a limited a few) so the SD version ensures you get local/regional.

    HD regions will have HD channel like BBC and ITV but obviously may not be local/regional depending on whether that region has it's own local HD channel or that of another region (ITV does this).


    Thanks goes to @ketmp for designing/coding it and to @Abu Baniaz for collecting the regional information.

    Click this Link to Download File:
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Recent Reviews

  1. byson1984
    Version: 2017-06-25
  2. vatovey
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Been using this for a while, noticed that the channel updater (Rat's) is producing an error when attempting to update the channel lists, error is: An error occured downloading or making regional changes.

    Has there been changes in the backend stopping the channel updater part of this plugin from working now ?