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City and Guilds 2396 Electrical Design Past Paper 2017-06-25

These questions are based on the City and Guilds past paper 2396-402, this past exam paper will give potential electrical designers a good base to start on.

Remember the actual exam is 3 hours and has 10 questions, you might think 3 hours for 10 questions is a long time but you will soon find out that you need to explain your answers using the Reg's. and that time will run down very quickly. If you do not know an answer go to the next one and so on then IF you have time go back to the questions you have not answered.

City and Guilds are not looking for copy of the regulations, they are looking for your interpretation and ability to use the Following Non Statutory Books

IET BS 7671
IET Onsite Guide
Guidance Note 3
Guidance Note 1

If you are an Electrical Designer or planning to be, you should own these books and be competent at using them.

Sample Question

[TABLE="width: 680"]


[TD]An electrical installation within a motor vehicle workshop is to be designed with the protective measure of Automatic Disconnection of Supply. The supply and installation forms a three-phase 400 V TN-C-S system.
Explain the two methods of Basic Protection that must apply to all final circuits.
Give four examples where Additional Protection by use of an RCD may apply.
Detail the BS 7671 requirements for additional protection by an RCD.
Give two examples of circuits that must disconnect within each of the following disconnection times.
5 seconds
Explain how protection against faults may be provided by SELV for the supply to hand held inspection lamps.

6 marks
4 marks[/TD]

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