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City and Guilds 2377 Complete Exam Guide 2017-06-25

City and Guilds 2377 Complete Exam Guide

  1. Mick
    This download is a complete all round city and guilds 2377 pat testing portable appliance study guide.

    With the following resources:

    1. Assessing the Frequency of Testing
    2. In Service Testing Guide
    3. Pat Testing Legal REquirements
    4. Pat Testing In practice
    5. Plug Fuses, Plugs in General
    6. Portable Appliance Equipment Types
    7. Portable Appliance Testing Procedures
    8. Pat Testing REcord Keeping
    9. How To replace Appliance Flexes
    10. Test Meter Leads and Definitions
    11. Portable Appliance Visual Inspection Guide
    12. Who Should Carry Out The Inspection And Testing.

    A very complete package for those who are interested in improving their pat testing knowledge and study.

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