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C&G 2394-302 past exam mock paper 2 2017-06-25

C&G 2394-302 past exam mock paper 2

  1. Mick
    City and Guilds 2394 Level 3 award in initial verification

    This is a mock question set based on the city and guilds 2394-302 written exam. With all the answers so you can use this as a study guide.

    The 2394-302 is a closed book exam, you cannot cheat the exam you must study and understand initial verification. this is a fantastic set of questions that will test your knowledge

    Sample Questions:
    C & G 2394-302, Initial Verification Certification of Electrical Installations;

    1. a). State the relevant documents that must be completed and handed to
    . the client after completion of the following work .
    i) An additional socket outlet to an existing circuit
    ii) A new shower circuit
    iii) Replacement of socket outlets and switch plates from plastic to brass
    iv) Replacement consumer unit.

    8 Marks

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