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60 Questions for 17th City and Guilds 2382 Paper 2 2017-06-25

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60 Questions for 17th City and Guilds 2382-15 Paper 1

Use these City and Guilds Questions to get to grips with the BS7671, this is a level 3 paper you will need to understand how to navigate the IET BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations to find answers to the questions.

This in my opinion is better than a simulator as it will allow you to use the book at the same time. and get used to navigating all the sections and tables for the answers.

This is a must for all trainee / apprentice Electricians.

Sample Questions:

BS 7671 requires protection against electric shock to be provided by basic and fault protections. One method common to both is

a) the use of RCDs
b) the use of Class II equipment
c) preventing current from passing through any persons or livestock
d) the use and implementation of equipment bonding.

Band II voltage exceeds

a) 2500 V d.c. between live conductors
b) 2500 V d.c. between conductors and Earth
c) 1000 V a.c. rms
d) 120 V d.c. ripple-free.

When selecting equipment for an installation, the person who makes the final decision over its safety would be the

a) representative of a regional supply company
b) representative of a national inspection body
c) designer or other person responsible
d) inspector and tester.

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