50 Question Exam - City & Guilds Pat Testing 2977

50 Question Exam - City & Guilds Pat Testing 2977 2017-06-25

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50 Sample Questions on the city and guilds 2377 pat testing course.

You will need the code of practice (IET BOOK)!

Use this to test your knowledge before you take your city and guilds 2377 pat testing exam.

Sample Questions:

A voltage of 500 V d.c. is used to test for:
a Insulation resistance
b Earth continuity
c Protective conductor current
d Touch current

A 10m extension lead has a protective conductor with a cross sectional area (csa) of 1.5mm2. When testing this extension lead, the earth continuity resistance must not exceed:
a 1.133 Ω
b 0.133 Ω
c 2.330 Ω
d 0.233 Ω

When using a low resistance ohmmeter for earth continuity testing, the test current must be within
a 20mA to 200mA, a.c. or d.c
b 2mA to 200mA, a.c. only
c 20mA to 200mA, d.c. only
d 2mA to 200mA, a.c. or d.c.

Enjoy and good luck on your pat testing exam.

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