Thread: S11 CCAM.CFG can I make a copy

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    S11 CCAM.CFG can I make a copy


    Had the S11 just over a month and been having issues with glitching and freezing on some channels mainly at night so looking at upgrading Firmware from original provided 11/10/10 to the laatest 12/02/02.

    Dumped "all misc files to USB" and also dumped "Image to USB" and saved on PC.

    Looking at the Misc file sizes most appear to be 0Kbit is this correct except the TP_Prog.DBS (1Mbit) and Back_Logo (29Kb).

    Also as the Box came with a 12Mnth Gift the Sea Lion was already installed in CCAM.CFG is there anyway of taking a backup of this file?

    If not been into Manage CCAM.CFG and made a note of the 4 sections but not sure how I reload these in once I have updated firmware.

    Any help would be appreciated as at present all I have acheived is taking a backup of existing.

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    Re: S11 CCAM.CFG can I make a copy

    I don't use it,but the lan manager used to let you save to pc via the ethernet connection.
    The s10 I have won't let me save that way,says something about the file is hidden.
    I may try an old version of firmware later.

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    Re: S11 CCAM.CFG can I make a copy

    Hi Slugworth,
    Thanks for the reply EXOS does mention backing up the CCAM.CFG file in a thread started providing a new Channel List and Firmware for S9 & S10. But can't find any other references on any other threads. Hopefully someone will come forward with an answer.

    Thread as mentioned above.

    Re: Openbox/Skybox Latest Updates (S9 & S10) November/December 2011
    Yes mate, just drop the files in the root of your usb stick, remember to backup your ccam.cfg file if your flashing with new FW.
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    Re: S11 CCAM.CFG can I make a copy

    when you go to save miscellaneous files select the cccam.cfg file as one to save from the drop down file list


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    Yes you can dump it as a misc file just tick cccam.cfg if not as you said earlier just note down the lines details