I have recently come across three Nintendo DS Lites. They all have some sort of fault with them. I have been looking at two of them today, and I will be looking at the other tomorrow. As I don't have the thrid with me at the moment. Anyways, here are the problems they have;

Nintendo DS Lite PINK
  • Top Screen Damaged, Only Half Visible.
  • Does Not Recognize DS Game Cards.

Nintendo DS Lite WHITE
  • Hinge Is Broken.
  • Top Screen Changes Colour When Screen Is Moved, Goes Like A Red Color Normally.
  • Does Not Recognize DS Game Cards.

Nintendo DS Lite BLACK (The One I Ain't looked At Yet)
  • Freezes When Playing Games.
  • Does Not Always Recognize DS Game Cards.

I have looked at the Pink and White DS Lites. They both need a new Top Screen. However I am unsure if the White one will be fixed if I do add a new screen. As the screen is not cracked, it just doesn't display the colours correctly, it's like a red colour and changes when moved. I am sure this may be because of the Hinge having a lot of damage. Anyone have any input on this?

As you can see. All three systems don't recognize DS Game Cards. Sometimes I can get the Pink one to work, and I am unsure of the White and Black as I am testing the Slot 1 tomorrow using different games.

Anyways, if the DS Slot 1's where all broken. What would be the best way to fix this? Is there a simple way, or will I require to buy new Slots and Solder them on? As anyone soldered one on here? I can't seem to find any instructions or videos on replacing Slot 1.

Just thought I would let everyone know what I have, and what I want to do. If anyone as any feedback or opinions on any of the information I have given. Please feel free to help me out. As I wish to restore these DS Lites. It's a shame to let them waste.