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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    I've had the Police at my house just before I got CCTV and asked them about CCTV. They said at the front of the property you can have it were you want and showing the whole street if you like. Said maybe best if you have a small amount of your property in.
    As for the back, as long as its not invading anyones privacy then they are fine.

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    Just put the camera up and if anyone complains tell them to go and f off. Sometimes people can't get through a day without a moan.

    We'd be alright if the law started prosecuting everyone who's got a camera up and it's slightly onto the road path or a neighbors fence, the courts would be full to the brim.
    Or get a dome PTZ with the camera hidden. This way you can point it were you want without anyone knowing, I'm not saying I have like

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    The police have asked for my footage a couple of times now and they can see the entire street . They haven't said a word. Your average bobby doesn't always have a good grasp of the law though.

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    Quote Originally Posted by copex View Post
    If your CCTV covers a public area you have to compile with the DPA, You need to have a sign to advise you are recording. this is down to an EU directive, see link below :-)

    Read here.... >> CCTV | ICO if you are in the uk :-)
    I believe in terms of complying with the data protection act you need to ensure you have adequate signage in place and possibly a CCTV data protection kit. If you are capturing images on your own private property you do not need any warnings in place or worry about compliance but if you are pointing your cameras in to a public area you will need to put up signs like these. You can also purchase a complete data protection kit which includes log books, backup Cd's, labels and signage and stickers.

    We have operated a system at our store for over 10 years and have used it to prosecute shoplifters etc and have never been questioned about data protection. We do have signs in place and only one staff member has access but we do not have a log book in operation. The police have had full access when ever they require but have never said we are doing anything wrong. I think sometimes all you need is a "Do Gooder" to throw a spanner in the works and the next thing you are unable to defend your property and possessions from would be thieves.

    I think it is always worth while inveasting in CCTV signs because they act as a great deterrent. Even if you do not have a genuine system in place they will probably prevent a lot of crime happening just on their own.

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    I put cameras up about 8 months ago.
    Told neighbours either side of me and let them see the footage.
    Both were fine and told me they didn't care.

    Old boy few doors down tried to sh1t stir saying I was breaking the law.
    Showed him the leaflet I picked up from our local cop shop.
    Then told him in a polite manner in my best accent where to go using only 2 words.

    Cheeky bugger asked me about 2 months later would I check my cameras as he had stuff stolen.

    Had to use them 2 words again.

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    there is 2 laws one for business and one for non business,buisness pay to have it they can cover all area,at your home in Scotland you can point cams anywere but not at the windows or front door,or if people have a sun spot were they are near to nothing on you cant that's comfort space in Scotland you don't pay for houses and you cant point into private land but in England its bit harder.

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    I have put up a new setup from maplins now because the cameras I had were not that great in the dark this new setup works fantastic at night and does not overlook anyone's property happy days

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording

    Quote Originally Posted by berr22 View Post
    I have put up a new setup from maplins now because the cameras I had were not that great in the dark this new setup works fantastic at night and does not overlook anyone's property happy days
    Which kit did you go for? I am looking to buy but don't know where to start.

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    Re: Home CCTV legal recording


    Follow link
    [(Used) Lorex 2MP NVR 4 Channel IP CCTV Kit with 4 Cameras | Maplin

    It said it was pre-owned set but all it was it had been opened its brand new but 100 cheaper, I looked at cheaper sets on flyby but Maplin's returns policy is second to none so they don't mess about if you return anything unused unlike flyby were you have to start posting messing about takes weeks so its worth a little extra to buy from a store. Fitting you do have to do some drilling and routing Ethernet cables and mounting the cameras, the pictures I get are great at a fairly decent 30-40 feet away, I can also view from anywhere from my phone, Maplin's offer a fitting if required for a fee, but if your any good at DIY easy to install in around 4 hours for 4 cameras depends were you would intend to run cables and unit.

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