Thread: backup blackhole 1.4.5 and picons

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    backup blackhole 1.4.5 and picons

    hi - sorry i have a few messing with images to see which i like,so far i have backed up vix 1.3 and 2.0.........i have now installed blackhole 1.45...
    how do i install the picons ?...and how do i make a backup of the image ?...ive got it set to the way i like it with all the channels etc....ta

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    Re: backup blackhole 1.4.5 and picons

    for picons you ftp a map named picon to media/usb only put the map in usb.
    for backup of system on box go to menu/installation/sotware management/backup system settings and press ok.
    and for the image press green button on remote then yellow/press ok on addons download manager/ go down to Blackhole image scripts/there you can choose if you want to save on hdd or usb.
    hope that helps
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