xp does not load up keeps resetting

Darth Jax

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Mar 6, 2005
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whenever I start xp it gets to just before the password entry screen and instead of that screen it flickers to the blue screen of death for a split second and then starts up again. it says that windows did not shut down properly etc and then asks to start normally or last known good configuration etc when i pick either of these options it just goes through the boot up sequence and then flickers to the blue screen of death and then starts the same process again.

can anyone help?

cheers in advance.
If it dosen't work in safe mode then it probably won't work at all.

You could try scandisk and checkdisk from a win98 boot disk
Or maybe remove the hdd and put it in another 'c as a slave so that you can do a thorough check (if it stopped due to a virus, it will infect the other pc)

my advice, clean install
I will second that, at least then you will be looking at a clean computer if you have any further problems. I wouldn't bother with a repair unless you have valuable data you need