Which serial com programmer?


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Feb 1, 2007
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s wales
As some of ou maybe aware Ritchie123 and myself have being having grief with our infinity usb unlimited programmer and i have a feeling it's down to the usb com ports and their communications...... "speaking when they want with the software"

so were are currently looking to replace the usb for a serial com programmer that just reads roms and programs funcards something cheap and cheerful that does the job.....

looking for recommendations from our friends out there were listening: multi : : multi : : multi : : multi :
I upgraded the software to the 2.65 after getting a prompt on connection about an hour ago and had all sorts of problems-wouldn't read or write card and kept giving the setsIFS error. Tried again and again and in the end done a system restore to yesterday-Rebooted and all back to normal. Running Infinity on 2.63 now as before and OK. I have found this programmer great in the past so if I were you keep trying. Have you installed it as per instructions and have you tried changing com ports?If you have upgraded software try a System restore back to the original 2.63.
there is only two programmers i would go for m8 and thats the Infinity USB Phoenix at about 39 pounds or the dynamite plus programmer at about 32 odd pounds they will do every card thats going and all use serial+usb cost a wee bit but you could sell the othere programmer or just keep it up to you
Thanks for the input so far guys....... taking it all on board.....: big crow