webstar help please..


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Dec 3, 2005
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i have a a problem reading in the info off my webstar epc2100..it gets to the screen of options displaying press 1,2 or p..when i press p it pauses for a bit then displays "reading drive set"or somthing similar to that anyway...is this correct or have i done somthing wrong..it seems to hang there for some time..it DOESNT seem to want to give me the other options below which it should..please help..ta much
Main menu
D) Download and save to flash
G) Download and run from ram
C) Store iceProm bootloader to flash
B) Boot from flash
E) Erase Flash Sector
M) Set mode
S) Store Bootloader Parameters to flash
I) RE-init Ethernet
R) Read Memory
W) Write Memory
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Had the same problems with that myself

How i solved it is change the FLOW CONTROL setting to XON XOFF or to none just try differnt settings in the hypaterminal settings and should go okay

I have done 5 of them now no problems
think i just read your post when you had probs..thanx for reply mate will try it now..ta...