Mobile Phones Vodafone deal too good to be true.


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Mar 9, 2002
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Firstly I renewed my contract in january 12 month deal Blackberry curve 300 mins 100txt unlimited internet £15.This was a good deal and covered my personal use as I had a company mobile.

In Febuary I was made redundant and went selfemployed phone bill went through the roof and i had a couple of bills of over £100. Rang Voda and all they could offer me was tarif upgrade to next tarif which was anothere £25 for anothere 200mins which I thought was takin the piss so i told them where to stick there extra 200mins.

But yesterday i get a phonecall from Voda saying that they had noticed im now using my sim in a Iphone (I could not get on with the blackberry) and that i was not on a Iphone tarif he gave me 900mins Unlimited txt msgs and unlimited internet for £20 including VAT to get me onto the Iphone tarif discounted by 50% untill the end of my contract.

Is there a catch to this as I cannot understand why a company would do this ? after all they are here to make a profit.
If this has been offered, get it emailed to you including the discount. They have offered discounted tariffs in the past but charged full price. Then no proof the discount was offered.

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They have emailed confirmation of the new tarif and discount.
Voda have something called believe the customer at the moment, so you can get anything off them. Phone up and tell them anything, and they will grant it to you, so get the offer, and if its not right, then call up and kick off, they will change it without question.
Must admit I stick with vodafone because they always give me what i want !.
just tell em yur off when contract ends you will get sorted.
here is my deal

my phone 300min unltd txt= £15.00

partner`s phone with family and friends tarriff (free calls upto 5 mob numbers) = £20
and then this deal , vodafone gave me a sim only 600 mins ultd txt = £9

great stuff
Having been in the industry for many years I have never heard of anyone insisting that the contract is tied to a particular phone. Your in the driving seat, they want your business. As janobi says tell them your off and they will soon change their attitude.