Virgin Media Explorer 4200dvd


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Sep 10, 2005
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Hi Guys,
could somebody offer any info on this.

For about the last 8 days on the trot, every morning i turn on my cable box, it looks like it resets itself & runs thru some type of cycle, before thanking me & telling my to throw away my old card.
This takes about 5mins including the box turning itself on/off , twice.

The box works perfectly after this, altho all my saved settings & favourite channels have been wiped by this time

(old dbox removed, and virgin box reinstalled)

I installed my new n3 card on may 14th, so its been set up for a while.

This cant be right surely

cheers guys
sounds like the box mite not like N3. if its a subbed box then phone them up and just tell them it keeps rebooting all the time and they will send an eng round to replace it.
Gotta agree that it sounds like your box, mine take around 60 seconds to get a picture if powered up from cold boot, else they should be pretty much instant from standby.

I'd give virgin a call.
Sounds like we have the same box. Mine does this too. I mentioned it to VM and the guy just said they'd send and engineer round, and charge me if it proved not to be faulty. I think he was having a bad day, 'cos he was a bit off from the get go.

I shall be ringing again tomorrow and speak to someone else, who might be a bit more receptive.
let us know what happens if they replace the box