Unable to load web pages


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Jul 8, 2004
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Lancashire UK
Hi All,
My son has just phoned me to say every time he tries to load a web page he gets a message "website found waiting for reply" but no page appears.
This happened to me a long time since but I can't remember how I overcame it. Can anyone help.
Cheers Norman.
Turn off the PC and unplug the cable modem and leave it for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and wait for all the lights to come on. Reboot the PC and see if it works. :)
If its not a cable modem issue, Then it could well be a firewall that has autoupdated and needs re-configuring.

Check to see if the system has Mcafee, or norton internet security, as these two programs are notorious for auto updating and killing the internet connectivity.

If a firewall program like the above is installed, hovver the mouse button over its small icon in the system tray, and right click, then select disable.

restart Ie

and see if that helps