TW new frequency?


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Jul 3, 2005
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hi, sister just had TW leave her house as she got cable put on. I was nosey and had a look at the engineer menu (with cable out the back of course) and the default frequency was 411.000 instead of 619.000 ....everything else was the same except this the new virgin one then?
yeah mate the whole country (tw anyways ) will be using 411.000 frequency
From the NIT's it appears that everything is pretty much as its always been as far as NetId's/default frequency/symbol rates are concerned.
still get the channels on 619.000 but when I go to 411.000 I get easier update, for sky movies 9 & 10...anyone explain this???
er no m8 the 411.000 is the frequncy the boxes r factory set at now

maybie mate but most of the boxes ive seen around here are now set to 411.000 rather then the old 517.000 plus set to that in others areas aswell so factory set or not its a new frequncy.
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