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  • yes i know but ive noticed theres 2 folders where the roms sit /var/scce or /var/keys dont know but will wait and see if what ive done works. should it update itself or will i need to restart rom , reboot box or leave on a channel for it to update itself. how you doing anyway mate what image did you get and what box do you have yourself
    Hi, i saw ure post regarding the USB to null modem, i have just orderded one bacause i cant be arse going to mates to use his pc to flash my box as i now have a laptop. do you have the setting to which i need to change and do the setting revet back to default after reboot or stay the same? any help will d o or a pointion the right direction.

    hi sorry to bother you again mate did you say that you'd put up a channel list and whats your phone number. thanks
    hi thanks again mate all working perfect. your time and effort is much appreciated. hope i can return the favour at some point. thank you
    hi i have nokia dbox 2 with sportster pro 1.02 running and also have sporster 1.73 ultra at the moment my box works fine only i have to manually update the keys if i update with rom 7 will the box update itself. does rom 7 work ok with my image as i dont want to lose all my channels. sorry for all the questions first time updating my box. any help appreciated thanks
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