Tv Guide, No Remote


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Nov 13, 2005
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hi does any one no how i can use the buttons on my box to acces the tv guide and how do i press red without the remote lol???
try pressing the button on the tv screen in the right hand corner pmsl only joking m8

what sort ov box you got mate ?

i gather its not a pace 1000,1010,2000,4000 old style box as they have tv guide writing next to the button you press
my box is...

Hi my box is silver samsung SMT 2100c
sorry mate carnt help on that one as i never used one but im sure someone will
Dalezy said:
Hi my box is silver samsung SMT 2100c
u need the blue ntl remote
or a grey that has been fixed to work

do u want a grey??
pm me ur addy
i have a few laying around