Too many channels on d box??


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Oct 4, 2005
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Too many Channels on d box??


Heres one for you i successfully re-flashed my box thanks to gav12345 ,liamcrayden and others too numerous to mention (a big thank you to all you know who you are )to-day i wanted to scan for radio channels (dont ask why)started scan it found 301 transponders then found 299 channels and radio at the last 2 mins error message came back saying could not find channels nothing on box went back and using fsx Flash without any problem loaded .xml files onto box(i know its long winded)anyway reconnected box and everything back to normal all channels there but instead of having like 1 sky one,1 bbc one etc etc etc i have 2 lots of them the first 200 are fine but the others dont have anything is there anyway i can delete these without mucking the good ones? as i said thanks to the above i can now navigate around the box put channels into favorites do a lot more but cant work this one out ? sorry i have posted this on earlier but did not title it proberly

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First, try turning the box on and off.
Second, delete any bouqets you are not using and check to see if any of the channels have been selected more than once.
Third, edit the bouqet.xml or services.xml manually editing cooktop making sure you only have one entry of each channel. Its probably a bouqet problem.

I would suggest you to copy your bouquet and service files to pc and edit them manually, perform this method only if you understand bouquet and service xml files.

thanks for this itried to do it from my pc i could highlight them but it wouldnt let me delete them?can i do it when i am in Flash fxp?when i copy and paste them do i need for it to be and .xml type file?because i have easy word i when i copy and paste it looks nothing like the original ?
Right click and select edit or download cooktop xml editor.

de deej thanks for your help i have downloaded cooktop and found that there were 3 copies of every channel in the bouquets,now i have edited them and i have cut and pasted them to my own choice so it loks lik bbc 1 channel 1 bbc 2 channel 2 so on and so on(i take it i can do that)the next question i have saved it in "my documents" could you please tell me will it be a working file when i transfer it to my box or do i need to do something else in cooktop?
yes it will be working file. just copy those files from your pc to dbox. put it in the same directory where you originally copied them from. once copied successfully just unplug power lead from mains without shutting down your dbox. wait for 5 seconds and plug back in.

hope this will help you.

cheecs it juts that it looks like an html file is this right?but when i view it through cooktop it looks different?