This more of a rant and a warning about G.skill ram


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Sep 5, 2016
Before xmas i upgraded my pc to a Ryzen Amd system and bought 16gb G.skill Flare x Ram. Over the next few weeks i kept getting random BSOD errors, after many formats I decided to Fault find and, to cut a long story short, it was one stick of the pair of ram that i bought from amazon was faulty. Not an issue i'll just return it to amazon for replacement! Nope only had a month to return it on amazon then it had to go to the manufacturer. On i go to the G.skill site, first i had to email america with the symptoms and proof of the error (memtest) then wait for them to send a reply. Got the reply then had to fill out an RMA on the website with part numbers. Did that and had to wait 2 days for the OK for the RMA and shipping details. The kicker here is that I'm having to pay the shipping to the Netherlands! I also have to send both sticks back which means my nice new PC is pretty much a door stop as I can't afford more DDR 4 ram to put in. Fortunately, i had an old AMD a6 apu mobo and, Ironically enough, 8gb G.skill ddr3 ram. So i have a computer for everyday day to day stuff but had to build it before sending the ram. From what i see on the g.skill site is the return is not a quick process and some people have been waiting 2 weeks upwards for replacements.

I think i might stay clear of G.skill in the future as having to pay to ship the ram to another country which i bought less than 2 months ago is kinda poor play. Its not cheap ram either!



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Jan 14, 2002
So what happened to The Consumer Rights Act 2015?

Sounds as if Amazon have stiffed you here.


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Jul 16, 2010
Agree with nara,your contract is with Amazon is it not ? upto too them to sort it out...?


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Sep 5, 2016
Me:I bought this Ram on the 21st jan this year. I was seriously upset that the item went faulty then even more upset when i was unable to return it to amazon. I've had to, at my own expense, send this to the manufacturer for them to deal with. The ram is only a few months old. I'm confused as i was on the understanding i was protected by The Consumer Rights Act 2015?

You're now connected to John from
John:Hello, my name is John. Thank you for contacting I'm sorry that your item has stopped working and paid for it for deal with the manufacturer. No worries, let me pull up your account and see what option I have here to sort this for you.

Me o.k
John:Am I chatting with Mr _____

Me:yes thats correct

John:Hi there. Let me check it for you and see what be done.

Are you referring to G.SKILL F4-2400C15D-16GFXR 16 GB (8 GB x 2) Flare X Series DDR4 2400 MHz PC4-19200 CL15 Dual Channel Memory Kit - Red, correct?

Me:thats correct

John:Thank you very much for confirming.

Here's what I can do now. Checking here, as it is directly from Amazon we can process a replacement or return it for refund. Which do yo prefer most?

Me:erm i've already sent it to the manufacturer

John:I'm afraid we need the item back to us so we can send you the replacement. Are you able to get it back? If you deal with the manufacturer you can wait for them to contact you for the outcome.

Me:no the manufacturer is in the netherlands and i'm in the uk. Hence why i'm annoyed as i don't have a working pc anymore, having to borrow a laptop and i belive that g.skill are not very fast at dealing with returns.
i was hoping at the very least amazon would cover the postasge to the netherlands which i'm out of pocket
i have proof of postage

John:I see and I understand. If your able to retrieve it from the manufacturer, much better. Just let us know the update.

Me:How can i retreive it? Tell how do i do that?

John:We can only issue a replacement or return for refund. With regards to return postage you paid it's with the manufactuere you have to deal with.

Me:so I've paid 10.44 to send to G.skill in the Netherlands and you want me to contact them to get them to return it to me, who will probably charge me the for that so i can return it to you..... where is the sense in that?

John:Would you like me to send you a replacement? You can contact them to send it back to you where you sent the item.

Me:why does amazon not contact g,skill?
i will give you all the info you need
you can send me a replacement, then arrange with G.skill to get the ones i've sent back replaced to you?
you'd be doing that anyway?

John:I understand. I'm afraid we don't have the option to contact the manufacturer about the item you sent to them. You should inform us before about this problem so sort this out so you don't need to contact them. I do apologise.

Me:I would have but the option for replacement was not available...something about outwith 30 days. Which confused me as i thought i had statutory rights in the uk

John:It's not available on the website after 30 days when you placed, as were the one who will process it for you. Would you like me to send you a replacement?

Me:I'd love you to send me a replacement but I don't have the faulty ones to return
they are on the way to the manufacturer
When i checked, the returns notification said i had to return to manufacturer. I've only done what amazon told me to do

John:No worries, you can contact them anytime and inform us once the manufacturer sent it back to you.
There you go, I have successfully processed the replacement and it will be delivered to the same address on Sunday, 18 March 2018

John:I see, for your future orders as long as the item is sold and fulfilled by amazon much better to contact directly for you to avoid any hassle to contact the manufacturer if the option for replacement or return for refund is not available online.
No worries, this replacement is free of charge. We just need the faulty item back to us.

Me:I know but i'm sure that g.skill will charge me to get them returned
I was only on to get reimbursed for cost of postage.....

John:Just let us know the postage and send us the picture of receipt to :
[email protected]