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Jul 15, 2007
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on my way to brum brum
Hate interviews, so i`ll just be fairly direct.

1) First off we would like you to tell us what you can bring to digital world?

My main experience is in consoles, having run the site for many years and being on multiple forums (site is closed now) , i will say i`m more of hardware man than software, in recent times theres been a shift from hardware mods to software mods, i still keep my toes wet but i`m not into the scene as big as i used to.

2) Any interests and hobbies you have.

Consoles, mainly xbox, xbox360, wii, my current main interests are , wireless networking (high power, long range), network hacking, anything to do with xbox media center, hardware mods, jukebox building. Im just getting into satelite stuff, so am not proficient in it yet. Have been working with computers for 18 years+ and currently doing my cisco ccna course, trying to get on the Microsoft certified systems engineer course. Homebrewing is another hobby..................

3) What areas on Digital World are you interested in moderating.

anyything in my main area of interests really.

4) Would you be prepared to help by spending time writing guides and tutorials that will benefit the members on here?

of course, ive been doing it for years anyway , not too much recently, but its certainly something i`m used to doing.
If yes to the question above have you written any before, and can you show us an example?

some examples of stuff ive done in the past.

ConsoleWorkshop.Co.Uk - Cut-ut guides

ConsoleWorkshop.Co.Uk - Gc Laser Tweak tutorial

ConsoleWorkshop.Co.Uk - Simple XISO tutorial

ConsoleWorkshop.Co.Uk - Xbox FTP Guide

ConsoleWorkshop.Co.Uk - Boxplorer tutorial.

ConsoleWorkshop.Co.Uk - Replacement Lid installation

Quick Guide to uncovering pins in the new revision (legless) Wii`s......................

Hitachi 078FK rough programmer Guide!!

some repair work

Very bad install-------repaired!!

Seriously, i thought i`d seen it all Worst install so far!!!!

some serious indepth hardware wii modding guides / manuals, pdfs.

Index of /monkey/Tutorials/Wii



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Aug 29, 2001
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Thank you for your application,good luck :)