The great DVD Recorder problem - my path to 100 unfinished discs...


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Mar 4, 2007
Eyup You lot!

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Thought I'd share with youz my journey with an LG DR4810 DVD recorder, and with a bit of luck, find an answer.

I'd been archiving stuff onto video since 1982 when I was a kid, collecting stuff that has since been lost in time, never to be seen again; those classic one-off comedies, European matches, classic episodes of The Tube etc etc.

After almost 20 years, and over 350 tapes later, it was time to reduce them all to a small wallet of DVD's, secured forever, and gaining an extra room in the house.

I started with a nicam Sony VCR, my PC and a Dazzle Box. A great solution, but ultimately it would have taken me forever to get through them all.

So I bought a DVD recorder, and chose an LG DR4810.

I was made up; I methodically took bits from each tape and made up organised compilations on DVD's. When a disc was full, they were finalised and secured forever!

Then my DVDR crashed, with the error 'PLEASE WAIT' on the screen.

As it was after 2 weeks, I got a replacement and carried on.

It lasted for a year, then the same thing happened. This time I had over 100 unfinalised DVD's, tapes sampled had been binned!

I went to Richer Siounds where it was purchased, who said I should ring LG.
I rang LG numerous times, who, because it was out of warranty, would not help apart from giving me the details of my nearest LG repair center.

I was desperate, I didn't want to lose my collection, so I rang the service center. They promptly told me that they didn't fix DVED recorders and why dont I ring LG?

I rang LG and explained.

They said that it was the only service center within 150 miles of me.

So, now I have my collection on DVD-R discs that cannot be read on any other device.

I got in touch with LG again, who said that indeed, discs recorded on an LG DR4810 can only be read/finalised on the same model.

I then tried to fix it myself, with knowledge gained thru searching forums.

Still the same.

I gave up then, kicked its f**kin head in and bought a fantastic LiteOn one.

So, if by any remote chance, any of the great minds on here can help me find a way to finalise a DVD-R recorded on an LG, I'd be ecstatic!


Nero / other recording programs cannot finalise the disc
Nero can recognise the sessions on the disc, but cannot finalise
I've yet to find a prog that can rip the video - plus, this would not be the best solution in the world as it would take forever, but maybe a last resort.

Thanks all, hope somebody can help!

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Aug 19, 2005
why not just buy another of the same model to finalise all the discs then sell it on when youve finished with it.

There is one on ebay at the moment