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Dec 5, 2005
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thanks guys
i managed to get my dreambox working nicely with Neutrino

thanks a million!!!! :Cheers: : thanks : :THANKS: : colors1
Right m8, well done......i assume you never saw my post about anyone got discovery working on neutrino ?.....do you have ALL channels or are you just happy with the way it is ?...if you have discovery and are on telewest could you use the web interface to look at the service.xml and tell me the frequency your discovery channells are on ?

Thank you.

I have had no problems scanning for channels for channels on the neutrino image. However I have stuck to the golden rules of the dbox2. I check my BER, SNR and SIG levels. Tries a booster and then ended up using a 12db signal filter.

I don't know how but they have been able to make the Gemini image more forgiving on the signal quality. However if you can feed the dreambox the signal quality required you should be able to receive all availble channels on neutrino.

Signal should not be an issue, i get all channels on dbox and all channells on dreambox gemini image....so why not on this ? i get full chanels on dbox neutrino.....................Troooperboy.....have you been drinking ? ;)
Yeah Loady i have all channels
but the buginess of neutrino has pissed me off a bit

right now for some reason when i press the neutrino menu button the db recieves the iR signal but does noting yet the epg and bouqettes work perfectly

i could upload thebackup for you (one sports channel and 1 movies channel missing)
i'll find a way to get the dreambox neutrino menu again

BTW im in the Bradford Area
i agree with bluemotion the neutrino needs a very solid signal. i am missing a few channels but on my dbox ll of em are working.


I knew signal level had something to do with this, it was the only thing that made sense.

He is a quote liam has made about the new neutrino image:

>The problem is this: the neutrino binary instructs that only channels with >over 43% Signal-to-Noise Ratio are included in the services.xml file. Neutrino >does actually pick up the channels, but doesnt include them in your channel >list and discards them at the end of the scan.
>The ENIGMA BASED images do not contain this instruction, and therefore >ALL channels are picked up, regardless of the quality of the signal.
>Strange but true; as of yet I have no fix for this.

So a signal booster could have made a difference. Hey thats not bad for someone that got plastered. ( Hey same again tonight, celebrating christmas. Its been one party after another ). ;)
Loady, did you ever get your discovery channels? I'm using neutrino in the Glasgow TW area and get them no problem?
i get all the channels on my dreambox that i get on my dbox2 inc. front row. i used liam's dbox2dreambox convertor. its superduper.