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May 14, 2005
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Hiya all.
Just to say thanks..
I have just 'configured' my first ambit 200, after hours of searching and reading. I even made my own 233 lead!
Note to anyone who decides to make one, if you decide to chop up a nokia cable - remember they have a chip in the plug and dont work if you just solder the lead from that to a just buy a 9 pin connector and it will save much swearing, cat kicking, etc

Thanks for all the info. couldnt have done it without everyones tuts (and a fair few bricked modems on the way to writing these tuts I imagine)

Glad to hear you got yours sorted. Maybe you could help me with connecting mine up to the 250. I brought my cable from Wayneboy and it came with the audi connector at one end and four wires at the other end and another audio connector. Should I insert these wires straight through into the second audio connector and than connect that connector to the 250. The picture in the Haynes seems a bit blurred.