[DOWNLOAD] OpenVix 5.0 002 (for Sunray Solo2)


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Sep 16, 2014
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OpenVix 5.0 002 with Kodi 17

(for Sunray Solo2 & Original VU+ Solo2 only)
Source Date: 09/03/17
Kernel: 3.13.5
Drivers: 28/12/16 (patched)

Main Features/Changes OpenVix 5.0 x:
* OE-A core 4.0
* GUI resize/position redesigned to make it clearer and easier. (Thanks to Isoz).
* Multi-stream support (this requires multistream capable hardware, for e.g.: TBS USB Tuners, SF4008)
* Multitype tuner support (this requires combo tuners, for e.g.: OS Mini+, OS Mega)
* ATSC support.
* GStreamer update to 1.11.2
* OSD - Time/date display changes (Thanks to Isoz)
* Recordings take priority over streaming to clients
* Status messages in Software Update
* Numbering on Menus
* Various OE-A Core updates
* Updated Service Info screen
* Updated Streaming Clients screen

Introducing ChannelsImporter

The purpose of the plugin is to provide a user friendly, one stop solution, for setting up a remote client receiver.
Features of the plugin:
Remove any existing channel list from the client receiver.
Import and load an identical copy of the channel list from the server receiver.

Import and load the EPG from the server receiver.
Automatically set up fallback tuner.
Set up a schedule to keep the client receiver in sync with the server receiver.
Re-sync the client receiver with the server receiver on client reboot.
So, in short, all you need is a receiver for use as a client (with or without any aerial system or satellite dish connected) and you just open the plugin, fill in a few options, and press import. You now have a fully working client receiver with a fully populated EPG which is able to view any channel available on the server receiver.
There is a scheduler that can regularly download the channel lists and EPG from the server receiver to automatically keep the client up-to-date with ABM scans, CrossEPG runs, EPG refreshes, etc, that take place on the server receiver. This means there is no needs to run any of these things on the client receiver, nor any need to ftp channel lists to the client receiver.

Differences between using ChannelsImporter and RemoteChannelStreamConvertor:

RCSC was written before remote fallback tuner existed. In RCSC rather than E2 converting the service reference to a stream URL on the fly, the stream URLs are previously written in the bouquets files for every single channel. This means that even if you were to manually load the epg.dat file from the server receiver (maybe across a network mount) the data it contains is not compatible and the EPG would remain unpopulated.
With ChannelsImporter the EPG populates immediately on running the plugin (as long as epg.dat exists on the server receiver). The only advantage RCSC has over remote fallback tuner is RCSC can create bouquets that lead to more than one server receiver.

ChannelsImporter is not embeded in the base image. It is a downloadable plugin and is located in the system plugins section of the feeds. Once the plugin is installed it appears in the menu under:
Menu >> Setup >> Service searching >> Channels importer
Finally, make sure the server is set up to regularly store EPG data. Settings are found on the server receiver under:
Menu >> Setup >> System >> EPG >> Automatic save

>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OpenVix 5.0 002 (for Sunray Solo2) <<<
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