starveiw 7??


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Apr 24, 2008
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a mate has got a sv7 with smog221 already loaded but expired 15th october.
is there a way to get it going again??


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Jul 22, 2005
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you need to download bigmaq tool bar,
then download the starview support file.
Once you pay your money you will get the support for 6 or 12 months


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Oct 23, 2011
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When I hear about the "Starview team" it always makes me smile and I will tell you why.

"Team" makes it sound like they have people dedicated working round the clock to solve the Starview issues and this is clearly not the case.

Lets consider what they do really..

The man down south takes the Paypal money in his girlfriends account and then emails someone with a shop up north..

The man up north then emails the man in Korea who activates the account..

The man in Korea works for the boss in Dubai..

Now as we all know the boxes are on borrowed time, as it is only a matter of time before the Police, F.A.C.T. V.M. and Trading Standards come calling, as it is not hard to work out what Paypal account the money is going into.

The police then arrest the lady who's paypal account it is and then within minutes she informs on the person using her Paypal account to take the money in and has all the details of you guys mug enough to pay by Paypal.

The guy with the shop then gets arrested as the guy down south will not take the blame by himself of course and then the system is ****ed.

Once the guys have been nicked the boxes will be switched off shortly after as no one will pay for the subscriptions on the 43 boxes used.

That then leaves the 4,000 who have subscribed up the creek without a paddle as everyone has all your details and know where to come for you all.

Now of course the 12 sellers he has are not going to be in a good position either as they will get nicked for conspiracy to defraud V.M. etc etc..

The guy with the shop hasn't got the sense he was born with as he suffers from "human greed" to the point where his Facebook account is full of adverts selling such boxes and the subscriptions too, so him doing anything other than putting his hands up to it is out of the question.

So that is why it makes me smile when I hear the term "Starview team"