Sky Sports Gone


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Dec 24, 2006
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hi anyone eles having problems with there box, and some chanels going missing over the last week.

i have a 500c using DW1.6

i have lost sky movies 1 & 2 and all sky sports channels.

i am in the surrey area using TW. its a bit anoying as the cricket world cup is on.

many thanks
have you tried rescanning, tw might just have fiddled with the channels.
na i havent tried anything yet just wanted to see if any one eles has had similar problems before i start fidderling
Just tried a re-scan and now im getting even less, i have notist there is a newer version DW1.6.1, i may load that on unless any one has any bright ideas.
there are on the image i was using in add services to bouqet in providers tv lots of numbers some hold to sly sport one will be ok for you one wont make sure you have picked all the channels out of there that are ok for were you are .